Sticker Speaker for Fun Sounds (Colors Vary)

Sticker Speaker for Fun Sounds (Colors Vary)

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Do you have an empty bottle? Or maybe a coffee cup? We have a product for you!

The sticker speaker turns ANYTHING Into A Speaker, stick it on any hollow object for fun sounds. It works with iPhones, CD's & Mp3's,tablets and anything with with a 1/8" audio jack.

Try it on a lamp shade, pizza box,a drink cup, a cooler, or a hollow toy and enjoy the fun!
I know we've had one customer use it on a plastic piggy bank. He called it "The Party Pig".
Create your own fun uses: try it on a glass door, a lunch box,  a flower vase and anything else you can think of.

Uses Sound Vibration Technology, (Colors Vary), requires 2 AAA batteries & has a Green Power Indicator light