3 Pack Bundle: Sinker, Floater, Suspender CW Crab Fishing Lures

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“Be The Crab” SINKER, FLOATER and SUSPENDER inshore fishing lures are perfect for your inshore fishing needs.  The realistic crab shape makes them irresistible.  Saltwater and freshwater fishing.  Features a double hook, hard plastic and is strong and durable.
Do you want to attract the fish that like to hang out on the bottom of the water? This “SINKER” lure will drop down and attract the best fish just for you.
The “FLOATER” lure dances and swims on the top of the water. It's like watching a meal fly above your head.
The “SUSPENDER” lure is the type of lure that you can pull along a few feet below the surface of the water. It looks delicious to many fish as it dances along. 
 Saltwater and Freshwater fishing lures! All inshore gamefish love to eat baby crabs! As with all fishing lures a natural presentation is imperative! When the CW CRAB is retrieved slowly with the current or tidal flow, it takes on the appearance of a live crab being pushed along in the current. Just add your favorite crab scent for the ultimate deception. CW CRAB is deadly on Striped Bass, Redfish, Tarpon, Permit, Sea Trout (grays and specs), Snook, Cobia, Flounder and any other inshore gamefish you can think of.