2-Pack Magical Mystiflyers

2-Pack Magical Mystiflyers

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  • You can make any card or lightweight object float, fly, and spin around your body. You make it magically move!
  • Each Flyer Includes patented earpiece for easy learning/play.
  • Comes with a secret Instructional booklet and online tutorial to help get you started to impress your friends in just minutes!
  • It comes pre-assembled and ready to play...start with beginner then move on to intermediate and expert magic
  • The more you play & learn..the more magic you will impress everyone!

These are the ultimate flying illusion. Millions have been sold nationwide since the 1950s in specialty retail and in fairs and events. It is now being brought to the mass-market. Our Mystiflyers card trick comes with magicians thread & wax, a card, and full instructions.