2-Pack Hippie Sticks

2-Pack Hippie Sticks

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  • The Amazing Magical FUN Swirly Twirly Stick
  • The perfect party favor for everyone to celebrate with!
  • Such a cool toy to unlock everyone's imagination!

Hippie Sticks can be the life of every party or a special gift that creates a bunch of visual imaginative displays that will put a smile on any child.

Just twirl it into BUBBLES, Just twirl it into FLOWER SHAPES, spin it into a SNOWMAN, a JELLY FISH, a MAGIC WAND, a BOWTIE...watch it come to life like magic as you swirl it in your hand!

Each stick comes with a visual booklet that gives you ideas on the shapes you can create.

Also the website address ( www.hippie-sticks.com) on the package gives you a set of 6 instructional videos that will give you more ways you can create many shapes and have lots of fun with your Hippie Stick!

The package should be saved as a carrying case to protect your stick so you can have more lasting fun and be able to show your friends anytime. Also be sure to watch the 3 extra videos on the website that show you how to take care of your Hippie Stick and store it.

Note: Not intended for children under 3 years.