The Original Squirmles Magical Pet

Meg on September 27, 2014

BEST cat toy ever. They think it's alive since the string is invisible.. Probably not the best toy for a kid, but for a kitty? AWESOME. One tip: if you're buying for a kitty, definitely do not get the off-brands on Amazon. I've tried almost all of them and they fall apart instantly will have fuzz all over your house within minutes. You pay a lot more for 2 official squirmles, but they will far outlast the 10 you might get for the same price. And you cats won't be upset out about all the fuzz in their mouth from the cheap brands. ;)


A note of caution -- these are NOT manufactured to be cat toys, so please use common sense and precautions when letting cats (or kids) play with them. First thing I do is cut the little plastic eyes off as soon as they come out of the package. They are small, and I'm afraid they might come off and present a choking hazard when kitty catches her favorite toy. So better to be safe than sorry. Also, when tying them to a stick or wand, make sure to secure the knot so that it won't slip off.

just me on May 6


These are the best!! I took one on a long car trip and I used it the whole way there. The only reason people are giving bad reviews is because they don't know any tricks. Don't be fooled by this product because like many others, it takes practice to get good at it. Spend 15 minutes practicing with this toy and I garentee you will know the ways of the squirmel, inside and out.

Robert K. Galloway on March 3,

My daughter loves this toy.She took it into school and all her friends LOVED it.One of her friends even bought one and really likes it. When you get one you have to be careful so it doesn't break.There's a website you can find all sorts of tricks.All you have to do is google squirmles. My daughter said "if you know how to use them or do tricks with them they are SUPER fun!