Our “Thanks for Asking” faqs.

How can I contact GoSaveHere.com?
The best way to contact us is to send an e-mail to dawn@gosavehere.com.

Question- How are you connected to Amazon?

Answer: We are a top seller of unique toys on Amazon and have sold our products on Amazon for over 6 years.

Amazon has given us the privilege to connect our website to their system so every Amazon customer can use their account to securely pay and have our products shipped to you by them. Amazon handles all our payments and fulfillment so that guarantees you will always have great customer service 24/7.

Question- When I register on your website and have a login will the same information I have on Amazon be used in making purchases on your site?

Answer: YES!

Question- How secure is your website?

Answer: Since we are connected to Amazon’s payment and fulfillment system and everything goes through Amazon we are very secure thanks to Amazon.


Question- Who ships your product to me?

Answer:  Amazon. You will receive tracking information from them.


Question- What if I don’t receive my product, it’s defective or it’s damaged in shipment?

Answer: You should contact Amazon Customer Service with your order ID that was used to ship your product.

 Contact them by phone 24/7 Amazon customer service:

— U.S. and Canada: 1-866-216-1072

— International: 1-206-266-2992

 Or Contact Amazon by email:


They will be happy to assist you in resolving the issue to your satisfaction and communicate to us.


What if I have a question about your products or have a special need or request…who do I contact?

Answer:  Send an email to us putting your question/request in the subject line. Send email to dawn@gosavehere.com

Note: If this an urgent request please put “Urgent” in the email subject line and give us a number to call you. We value your business and we closely monitor our email and will respond to you ASAP.


Attention: More to be added as we get more questions from you…We love your questions and inquiries!


About Our Crazy Product FAQ’s:


Question- I see there have been other Bright Bugz and similar ones on the market. What makes yours different?

Answer: Thanks for asking! The Evolution BugZ are brighter, easier to use. There is an online video APP to show how you can have more fun. There is an APP you can download to toss light to a phone and it comes with a 3D Holobeam feature as a bonus. A great new gift package.


Question- How many Bright BugZ are there in the package?

Answer: Bright BugZ are packaged with two lights that come to you in a package with a bright color that you choose. You will find its super fun throwing light from one hand to the other and much more. 


Question- Do my children have to have a smartphone to have fun with their Bright BugZ?

Answer:  They do not have to have a phone or download the APP to have great fun with Bright BugZ. They come with a great fold out illustrated instruction sheet to start using them right away!  You can always use them with a phone and the APP for more fun in the future.


Question- I found in your “Special Buys” section on the website…The Aura Interactor Virtual Reality Game Vest. Will it work with XBOX or PlayStation?

Answer: The vest works with any audio source. It works great with any product that has a headphone Jack or has any audio output jacks. Note: You may need a phono plug to 3.5 adapter to use your headphone jack with the vest.


Question- On the Aura Interactor Virtual Reality Game Vest…Can I wear it while watching an action movie on my computer or my TV?

Answer: YES! Just hook it through to your audio output and/or headphone jack and be prepared to get “rocked” because you are basically wearing a “Sub Woofer” and you adjust the intensity to have more fun. Note: You may need a phono plug to 3.5 adapter to use your headphone jack with the vest.


Question- Is the Aura Interactor Virtual Reality Game Vest battery powered as well?

Answer:  There is no battery. It is so powerful the amplifier has to run off a heavy duty power supply. It comes with detailed instructions to hook up to almost any game machine and/or any audio source. Note: You may need a phono plug to 3.5 adapter to use your headphone jack with the vest.


Question- If I just want to comment on your website or just communicate with your team who do I email?

Answer: We welcome your comments; suggestions & inquiries…just send your email to:


We would love to hear from you!  Our mission is to have “FUN” offering these fun & exciting products to you. We would really appreciate your business and hope to serve you products that exceed your expectations.