Bright Bugz

 March 3, 2014

My husband is a magician. He was a happy camper when I found these on line through Amazon. He has had more fun and he will be 84 this year


 June 29, 2013

Okay first I must say I did not pick them up here, but at a Ripley's believe it or not in Dallas. When I opened the package one of them wasn't working. I went to Nowstalgic's website and sent them and email. They said this happened sometimes, and sent me two packs for free for my trouble and I had them in about 4 days. Also as a magician, I love using these on kids. Its very similar to a product called D'light, but I tend to like these better, because the gimmick is smaller. Also if you want a light up object to toss from hand to hand get a light up ball, this is not the product for you. This product relies on your acting skills. I used the bugz earlier today at birthday party and fooled kids as well as adults, at one point the birthday boy was not going to continue with his party until he could pick a color off his shirt, like I could. Lots of fun and will fool people if you will put the work in!


 September 28, 2015

I really love it, its a good magic for kids


 December 30, 2015

These are super cool light because you can prank people by making it go through you ear or catching it back and forth. I found these off of someones youtube channel called Roman Atwood. Thought the were super cool so I bought some and they are great. The only bad thing was that they are super hard to press the button for the light to go on. My hands got super tired and that is the only bad thing about the bright bugs. But after all the bright bugs are great.


 December 15, 2015

I absolutely love playing with these. The younger kids love them!