2-Pack Magical Bright Bugz (Red & Green)

2-Pack Magical Bright Bugz (Red & Green)

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  • The most awesome and our best selling magical toy! -they are called bright bugz . . But they are really magical illusion senders -they come packaged with two lights for each color -grab glowing lights out of thin air from hand to hand.
  • Create your own magic fun in a matter of minutes -you’re ready to have magical fun right out of the box -magically "glow" & travel from here to there and even through solid objects.
  • Bonus! With a smartphone you can create more of your own magic fun & set up a special 3d holobeam!

They are easy to use & you can start doing magical tricks right out of the box. They come with a complete 9 page fold out of illustrated instructions. Then the “secret” will be revealed.

Download the free Bright BugZ APP to see instructional videos for more tricks. If you happen to have a smart phone, you can do the “Light to Phone Trick” and create a cool 3D HoloBeam.

Grab the glowing Bright Bugz out of from someone’s ear, throw it onto your phone and watch it glow. The non-replaceable batteries will hold power for several days, weeks to months depending on how often you do all the tricks. A great fun gift for everyone!

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