How Do Bright Bugz Work and Where Can I Buy Them?

Posted by Dawn Dixon on

Bright Bugz are one of the most fun magic tricks you can use to fool your friends. Grab glowing Bright Bugz out of thin air, Send light through solid objects if you dare, Magically toss them from hand to hand, They're completely under your command!

Check out these simple tricks you can perform for your friends:

You can also use Bright Bugz Evolution with your smart phone. There are even more tricks you can perform by simply downloading the app.
Bright Bugz Evolution even comes with the awesome Holobeam to create a holographic Bright Bugz illusion.

Watch the video below to see some cool tricks you can perform with the Bright Bugz Evolution smart phone app.

The Bright Bugz comes with 3 different size bands to fit your fingers - small, medium, and large. These allow for a comfortable fit for almost any finger size. The bands are easily changeable by simply removing the current band and snapping in the new band.

Check out this video to learn how to change the bands on your Bright Bugz:

You can get your very own set of Bright Bugz and start impressing your friends!