Customer Comments we have received over the past few months

Posted by AJ Hauser on

General Comments on our Bright BugZ:

- Awesome this is a cool bug. It works forever. By this, if your kid like awesome things

- Excellent product!! My son (10) loves these!! Shipped quickly! Highly recommend!

-Kids love these, they love the magic they can do (pretending it's found in your ear etc) seem to work well just wish they had a case as they're small and easily misplaced.

-My son loves playing with the "magic" bugs.

-kids love it, they are super cool

-This was a Christmas gift for my daughter. She loved it, it came with three sizes for your fingers so I was able to play with it as well. We had people thinking it was really magic with the light bugz. Good product.

About Electro Putty:

-Fun toy for kids!

About Squirmles, The Magical Pet:

-My daughter loves this toy.She took it into school and all her friends LOVED it.One of her friends even bought one and really likes it. When you get one you have to be careful so it doesn't break.There's a website you can find all sorts of tricks.All you have to do is google squirmles. My daughter said, "if you know how to use them or do tricks with them they are SUPER fun!"

-These are the best!! I took one on a long car trip and I used it the whole way there. Don't be fooled by this product because like many others, it takes practice to get good at it. Spend 15 minutes practicing with this toy and I guarantee you will know the ways of the squirmel, inside and out.

-I've bought several version of these as cat toys -- these are the best we've tried yet! There are 2 to pack, a large one and a smaller one, so it's the best value for the price. They come in a snap-close case, so you can store them away safely and neatly when not using them. I usually tie one to cat-toy wand, but my cat was so eager to play with them, she couldn't wait so we just played with them right out of the package for the first half-hour, until she was worn out from chasing them around

-These little chenille worms are great. I had worms like this when I was a kid and was so happy to find them for my son. In the pack, you get one "normal" sized worm and one "baby" sized worm. They are attached to a thin clear piece of fishing line type string. Like other reviewers have said, this line does break quite easily. However, you can just tie regular fishing line on the end of the worm and it is good as new. You would be surprised how much entertainment kids and adults alike can get from these little guys. Basically, they are a cheap, fun, toy for all ages to enjoy!

About Ball Wizard-Fun Balls:

-Works great! A variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Easy to make.

About Squirmles World of 4 Magical Pets:

-Bought this for my daughter and she just loves them!

-I bought these Squirmles for my 6.5 and 3.5-year-olds after they saw a demonstration at a street fair. This is a fun toy, but it's definitely for older children. My 3.5-year-old son quickly tore off the very thin string (it's thinner than a strand of hair) that is used to control the Squirmles' movements. My 6.5-year-old daughter lost interest in this within 20 minutes, and she has the ability to sit and focus for long periods of time. I would say it's more a magic trick than a toy. In order for the Squirmles to move, you need to secure one end of the very thin string to something like your waistband and then manipulate the Squirmles using your hands or different objects (you can get it to move from one cup to another). The description says that it's appropriate for ages 3 and up. Sure, 3-year-olds can play with the Squirmles as they are (without manipulating it to do tricks and without the string), but I would recommend it for children 7+ years old if they want to be able to do all the fun tricks. It was packaged well, with plastic containers for each Squirmle and the directions were clear. I would watch a YouTube video to see how Squirmles work before purchasing them.

Wacky Wally, The Original Wall Crawler:

-I was very happy to find these on Amazon. The kids were clamoring for them and what's a few bucks when those really big smiles greet you!
Like others have said, be prepared to give wall climbers a warm bath from time to time, and they will last and last.

-I remember these from when I was a kid and I was super excited to see it on sale

TV Magic Cards A 3 Deck Set:

-I am thrilled to have found these Magic Cards. I bought several sets for young grandson, Middle aged son, and a few for gifts. Knew this magician many years ago and loved his close-up and stage magic shows.

-Nice collectible from memory lane.

Wham-O Super Elastic Bubble Plastic:

-Bought for my son who seen it on a commercial. He had a lot of fun with it. He went through it very quickly so I will have to purchase more very soon.

-Takes me right back to, well, whenever it was that I was that young...

Whirly Wing:

-Surprisingly this is a nice toy and comes with 2 balloons. It had been pretty robust so far and our 4 yrs really likes this thing flying around.

-wonderful outdoor toy Many hours of fun for a group of children each with their own or just one to share


-My son really enjoyed this magic trick. It is complicated and takes a lot of practice. But, it kept him busy for hours, and he performed it for us.

Wham-O Super-Ball Factory:

-We bought this for my 12-year-old sister-in- law and she absolutely loved it! This was a great gift!

Magical Hippie Sticks:

-My five year old had a great time with this product and I would buy it again.

-This is one of those toys that makes everyone of all ages ooh, ahh, and say, "who thinks of creating something like that?" It's just fun to look at and space out on. Not educational, or active, but fun to "play" with. 

-All ages love this. My granddaughter said that it looks like a jellyfish, a bubble, and everyone agrees that it is fun.

Savannah & Hilton Head Throw Blankets:

-This throw is very attractive and well done. I really appreciate the map. The cotton material is comfy.

-The blanket is beautiful. Has great detail and accuracy of the area.

-This is a very nice product at a very nice price

Aura Interactor Virtual Reality Game Wear:

- best thing every spent money on. great for music. I love using this with elite dangerous u can tell your being shot because this will vibrate the crap out of your back p.s. feels amazing when listening to bass heavy music.

- This thing is great. I'm using it with PlayStation VR and it really enhances the whole experience.

You'll also need to get a 1/8" headphone y-cord splitter so you can plug both this and headphones into the audio jack located on the PSVR headset.

- It says on the box that this product is for Super Nintendo, Sega Megadrive, and other ancient game systems (yes, it is that old), but it basically works with anything that has an audio connection. The Aura Interactor is basically a wearable sub-subwoofer that directly pounds bass into your body. If you have a game with a lot of sound in the low-frequencies, prepare to be shaken ;)

- Don't know how to explain the awesomeness of this pure genius contraption.